Permanent Make-up Program

Our program has been designed to support you throughout your learning and to gradually increase your skills.

Our modules will allow you to acquire solid foundations, essential to a good practice of dermo-pigmentation.

The proposed program includes theoretical teaching as well as practical training performed on models.

- Hygiene regulations - sterilization and disinfection - waste disposal
- Anatomy and physiology of the skin
- General allergic and infectious risks
- Skin diseases and blemishes
- Indication and contraindications for permanent makeup
- Pigment studies (origins, compositions, genres)
- Colorimetry - Basic color - Creation of colors from pigments - Errors to avoid after skin tones.
- Correction of colors and shapes - Catching a color that has fired (blue eyebrows, purplish lips) - Camouflage
- Practice on latex skin
- Drawing of the ideal eyebrow of the mouth and the eyeliner
- Master the practical techniques:

  • Eyebrows - Filling or shading - Hair by hair
  • Microblading
  • Lips - Simple contour, Contour with filling and mouth in 3D
  • Eyes, Eye liner, Lash Liner

- Creation of eyebrows
- Eyebrow reconstruction