Professional Make-up Program

The make-up profession attracts many people, the objective of this course is to allow you to master the different bases of professional make-up to make you perfect.
This job requires a marked artistic sensitivity, creativity,
imagination, willpower, great listening skills, practicality and a lot of psychology.

- Cosmetology - Presentation of professional products
- Brushes types and usage
- Morphology: face architecture
- Preparing and perfecting the skin for make-up application
- Harmony of primary - secondary colors
- Natural and artificial light
- Study of facial features and their corrections
- Products, textures, and application on diverse skin types.
- Make-up techniques
- Corrective Make-up
- Make-up with eyeglasses
- Applying false eyelashes
- Make-up removal
- Beauty enhancement or city make-up
- Daytime, evening, and bridal make-up applications
- Make-up for mature skin
- Teen make-up
- Make-up for dark skin
- Make-up for Asian skin
- Make-up applications for TV