Training days - EyeLash & EyeBrow Extensions

We offer a rich program dedicate to the enhancement of eye beauty. You will be able to determine the styles that best suit your client, form a well-defined brow, learn and practice various techniques to create perfect eye makeup looks.

Learn non-invasive techniques to perfectly shape, lengthen, fill-in, and add volume to eyebrows and eyelashes, achieving dense, younger, and naturally flattering looks.

- Theory – Hygiene and safety related to the activity
- The natural eyelash, its composition, its peculiarities
- Eyelash extensions, different types of eyelashes,
- Indications and contraindications
- Presentation of equipment, products & consumables
- Eyelash and brow lengthening, lash-to-lash method
- Extensions application protocol
- Eyelash and eyebrow extension techniques
- Morpho-Extension, Correction
- Filling-in Extensions
- Extensions removal
- Maintenance recommendations and tips
- Products storage and maintenance.